While the main theme of Yankees appears to be rarely touched upon in literature and art (Spider-Man, both the book and the movie, touched on it and then ignored it), there are a lot of wonderful books, albums, and movies touching on various minor themes within the story.

Crossroads contains All that you have is your soul, part of the answer that Carolyn is searching for throughout 1993. Dirt Track Date was released in 1995, but I’ve included it here because Eight Piece Box is Tom’s theme song. Southern Culture on the Skids celebrate the legendary downtrodden rural southerner, turning stereotype into pride.

Even though Sam Lee has moved out of Virginia, he’s kept the paper up on-line. He receives some important assistance from Shaheen Hamedi. They’re hardly a politically correct duo, and they tend to rant more about democrats than republicans, but they’ve got a catchy slogan: Sic Semper Hypocritae.

Especially useful was Jim Cullens’ The Civil War in Popular Culture. The subtitle is “A Re-Usable Past” which brings to mind the “removable conscience” of A Canticle for Leibowitz.

And, yes, there really is a First Book of the Confederacy. You can’t find it nowadays except in collectibles shops, but it did exist, and I ran across it in a local public library while researching the backstory I needed for It Isn’t Murder.

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